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online legal advice.

online legal advice.

We know very well that our clients often expect quick, substantive consultations. Sometimes a short conversation with a lawyer is enough to direct your actions to safer and more beneficial ones. Sometimes you need to consult a document, sometimes a contract, and sometimes a recommendation for a problem.


This contact is not limited territorially, which allows us to consult clients from all over Poland – not only from Toruń, where our office is located.

Radca Prawny Prawo Pracy Toruń Monika Jurkiewicz

We give our clients the opportunity to consult online, also via Skype, Teams, Click Meeting, Evenea.

Online Consultation.


Please send an inquiry to the e-mail address of our Law Firm: biuro@kancelaria-jurkiewicz.pl, along with a detailed description of the legal problem. If necessary, please attach case documents


Within 3 hours you will receive a response containing the proposed valuation of our online legal advice along with the data necessary to make the transfer and pay for the service provided.


After the transfer is booked, a lawyer’s reply will be sent to your e-mail box, explaining the previously presented problem. We can also connect remotely and discuss the problem with which you report to us.

Our specializations.

Monika Jurkiewicz, prawnik prawo pracy w Kancelarii Moniki Jurkiewicz w Toruniu

Labor law

Zdjęcie klawiatury w kancelarii Moniki Jurkiewicz w Toruniu, prawo e-commerce

E-commerce law

Prawo hazardowe Toruń

Gambling Law

Odpowiedzialność producenta za produkt

Product liability

Kancelaria radcy prawnego Moniki Jurkiewicz położona w Toruniu, zakładanie spółek Toruń

Law of Commercial Companies

Kancelaria Moniki Jurkiewicz w Toruniu

Advisory services to Supervisory Boards

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