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Law for business

Our goal is the success of our customers as one of the great ladies of business Estee Lauder said:
“I never dreamed of success. I worked for him.” We work for you, and our knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

Jurkiewicz Law Firm

Our specializations.

Monika Jurkiewicz, prawnik prawo pracy w Kancelarii Moniki Jurkiewicz w Toruniu

Labor law

Employers are faced with an increasing number of employment-related responsibilities. Our knowledge and experience help us provide employers with solutions that are not only automated, for better efficiency of HR and payroll processes, but also respond to the specifics of their business. We help to hire effectively, but also to fire effectively and in accordance with the law.
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Launching a product on the market, effective marketing, including promotional lotteries, competitions and promotional campaigns, sales, after-sales service, responsibility for the quality of goods or services, these are all the elements in which I support our clients. We understand how important speed is in today's digital commerce world. We operate efficiently and quickly, just like every good businessman needs.
Prawo hazardowe Toruń

Gambling Law

Comprehensive legal support, assistance in compliance with gambling law. Our law firm is ready to serve you with its knowledge and experience. We understand the specifics of gambling law, which is one of the most regulated sectors of the law. We act quickly and effectively, adapting to current changes in regulations. Our goal is primarily to protect your interest.
Odpowiedzialność producenta za produkt

Product liability

Each manufacturer is responsible for both defective and dangerous products. We offer support both in the form of legal advice, preparation of the necessary documentation, conducting employee training, as well as representation during court and compensation proceedings. Let's build your business together.
Kancelaria radcy prawnego Moniki Jurkiewicz położona w Toruniu, zakładanie spółek Toruń

Commercial companies law

Establishing a company is one of the key stages in the life of an entrepreneur. This is the moment that requires analysis and selection of the right legal form. It determines the effectiveness of the organization, taxation and accounting. We will arrange a "ready business" for you.
Kancelaria Moniki Jurkiewicz w Toruniu


The amendment to the Commercial Companies Code add the possibility of taking advantage of it by the Supervisory Boards. As an advisor to the supervisory board, we will help you examine the areas of your company's activity.

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