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Good morning.

Our ambition is that the advice and legal assistance we provide is strictly tailored to the business needs of our clients.

Our goal is the success of our clients, so as one of the great business ladies Estee Lauder said: “I never dreamed of success. I worked for him.” We work for you. And our knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

We have many years of experience, continuous development of knowledge, but also modern communication and work instruments, specialization that allows us to say: “If you need support in the field of labor law and personal data protection, business law or product liability, you’ve come to the right place place!

If you want to learn more about Attorney Monika Jurkiewicz, her knowledge and passions. We invite you to our social media profiles. We strongly encourage you to read the blog: LOVE LABOR LAW… love what you do!

Welcome, we are at your disposal.